March 2022

How are you doing?
Virtual song swaps are keeping me going. I am pleased with the opportunity to present my favorite songs online by Phil Ochs, Sting, John Prine. I am writing new songs. meets once monthly in person; Come by on the first Friday at the clubhouse by Metro-North. I am eager to see and hear (from), you all.

I recently met a Rock ‘n Roll player online. Tommy likes my music. So we had an “almost live” rehearsal on Messenger last night! I’m thinking of a train ride to actually meet up. I miss live gigs, and to hear some exquisite playing and harmonizing with my important songs gives me personal joy and hope!

TADA! A live gig, solo, Lydia.

I am inviting you to The Noble Roasters Coffee House on March 19, 7 pm, over in the Goshen, Orange County, NY, in the area near Stewart -Newburgh airport in a tiny burg called Campbell Hall.

Yes, this is in person! I go first, so please be on time!! The first sound I make will be as the opening player.
I am looking forward to an evening with equally professional songwriters/entertainers. Bring sketch pads and listening ears.

 7:30 prompt for my 45-minute set~

I currently live in  Beacon~home of The Towne Crier~ you may have seen me there. I do perform in the Open Mic most Thursdays which runs from 6:30-8:45 led by the affable talented Steve Kirkman! Steve draws the order of players from a big old mason jar, so if you make it on or before 6:30 promptly you can sign up. Seems like everything is run earlier and on time since we’ve been trained by Livestream and Zoom shows. Hah! No more late nights!

Beacon is where Pete and Toshi Seeger founded the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.
Folks here continue to be sailing, cleaning the river, and are leading peaceful environmental educational gender-fluid equal social justice movements in the Hudson Valley.

Enough about other folks. I sing ballads from the heart; twist of fate love songs. Ukraine will be featured in my presentation.


PS Donations only. Fill the tip jar. Kindly sample marvelous pastry treats, coffee prepared here, and relax.

MUSIC FOR HUMANITY.ORG benefits young classical players.