Lolly Blog – June 26

 We You Me Us.

‘The times, they are a- changing.”

We Hope You Hope I Hope

June 26, 2020:

Dear Friends,

Vast numbers of Beaconites marching in solidarity~ saying~ chanting ~signing~on Juneteenth

” No Justice ! “Hands up I can’t breathe”!  ~

Singing, “Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let It Begin With Me” and

“We Shall Overcome” .

Our leaders are young men and women of color.

Our marchers are all races, genders and ages.

Some police as well.

On the Music Front, I am writing and playing, grateful for my quiet home. Surely mixed feelings of failed projects fret us all, and fear, oh yes, that old friend, invades our hearts and minds of this pandemic. Anger. Losses…I am hearing now from you guys. You are my music fans. I hear you lost your wife, your partner, your pet, your parent.

 So now. I will write back with love, and some joy as well!!

 We will find a giggle or two and keep saying, “Are you serious?” when it helps. Even when it doesn’t.

See you in Live Stream Towne Crier on YOU TUBE as well as Facebook , this Sunday night, 6:30-8pm, June 28, 2020.

 Love you. Here are the links:

PS. Next week I will post a song from here!


Lolly Davis
aka Lydia Adams Davis