One Earth So Green and Round

One Earth So Green and Round
with Singer-Songwriter & Puppeteer Lydia Adams Davis

Lydia with dulcimer and Rocco RacoonAn interactive performance for children ages 4-11Lydia with her puppet “Racoon”
Length: 45 min – 1 hour
In “One Earth So Green and Round,” award-winning songwriter and musician Lydia Adams Davis brings her irreverent troupe of animal puppets to a performance of original nature songs and stories. Children get a chance to become puppeteers in this educational and concert for families, which includes
plenty of improvisation, audience participation, and a bit of sign language.

During the program, families will be introduced to characters like:
“Ta-Da, The Wide Mouth Frog”
Lydia sings the part of an inquisitive and somewhat clueless frog wearing a sock puppet she made out of her daughter’s toddler clothes! Children can select finger puppet animals from her sack which the frog will interview, one character at a time.

The most popular of Lydia’s hand puppets, Beaver teaches the song “My House Is a Construction Zone” while children act out the lyrics.

Lydia brings four bumblebee puppets to the show, so that children can help
them pollinate flowers to the tune of “Be a Bumblebee.”

All songs in the program appear on Lydia’s CDs “One Earth So Green and Round” and “We All Have Lunch with Lydia Adams Davis,” available for sale online and in person.

The program can be enhanced with educational workshops such as:

Creating original puppets
Building backdrops for characters
Researching animal habitats
Writing animal poems and/or songs
Creating an original play

American Sign Language is incorporated into many of the programs. Lydia holds a Masters Degree in Special Education. Special Needs audiences are welcome.