Hi, my Lovelies!

OMG! Working hard, pals

My family is doing well and I very much hope you are all well also!

Friday evening I will join a PMN Zoom  performance concert called “Songs of Good Trouble-Vote”

This will be streamed to Facebook as well as on People’sMusicNetwork.org

Yesterday, I submitted a UU ballad for their new historical film! 
Unitarian Universalists at Rock Tavern, NY will present the movie on Sunday. My ballad will run with the credits. You are most welcome to attend the service on Sunday.

I sent a performance to them from my phone! Because of Social Distancing, this was the best we could do for now. Elizabeth Mehling is producing this film.

Last week I attended the Children’s Music Network annual conference (CMN) and workshops Oct. 2-11. Great & wonderful, participatory & so informative! I found the Round Robin a delightful experience as well as all the camaraderie and sharing ~ Totally on Zoom, Of Course!!

Meanwhile, a producer at CMN presented ideas to those of us who create songs with children. He and his partner showed us superb songwriting videos, and by a neat coincidence I now have a performance video of three original children’s songs to show you.

The songs were created locally in the Hudson Valley~ which is very cool. The performance you will see was for the NJ Friends of Clearwater Virtual Festival in September.
Ingrid Heldt came to Beacon in August to record me at the Beacon Sloop Club. Producer Andrea Spinelli has graciously provided the link!! You will find it when you scroll down. Check it out, please share, and support all these organizations if you can!

These three songs came out well, in my opinion. What do you think?

I am getting involved with CMN again!

Passionate air kisses and virtual hugs,