Lydia with Polar Puppet and studentsSongwriting Residency - students brainstorm on a subject and write an original song.

Songwriting residencies are fun and creative, they:

Early Childhood Music . . . Songs & Puppets with Lydia - Get young children singing, moving and making up songs while learning skills. 

Living History Residency - by immersing students in real life stories, historical drama and songs of the time, students get a richer picture of the era. Lydia brings to life American History from Colonial Period, Revolutionary War, Civil War Period, Turn-of-the-Century, World War I and II on through the Civil Rights Movement.

Puppet Workshops - in making sock or bag puppets and then giving personalities to their puppets, children explore feelings, learn empathy and have fun acting.

Teach the Teacher - a workshop focused on teaching the basics of songwriting to younger children.


Songs for Seniors - Several Shows/Workshops for Centers, Clubs, Residences, Libraries, and other places where we "ol' folk" like to congregate.

Songs and Stories in Sign - Students learn ASL alphabet and are introduced to signs for greetings, simple directions, questions and short phrases. Lydia sings and signs and teaches a song in sign. They learn finger spelling (great for tactile learners!). Enhances communication and reading skills. Handouts provided.

All of the programs include 100% audience participation. American Sign Language is incorporated into many of the programs. Lydia holds a Masters Degree in Special Education. Lydia loves to entertain and involve special needs audiences.

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