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Gift of Story
©Lydia Adams Davis
Comfort Me  
©Lydia Adams Davis
Melody Brings the Time Back  
©Lydia Adams Davis
Big Ol' Clock
©Lydia Adams Davis
Makin' Believe
©Lydia Adams Davis
©Lydia Adams Davis
Shake n' Bake
©Lydia Adams Davis

©Lydia Adams Davis


Winter's Almost Done
©Lydia Adams Davis

Lake Erie
©Lydia Adams Davis

It's a lazy day in August, it is quiet all around.
Nobody's calling me up with worries, nobody's talking me down.
There aren't any street noises this far from the road,
And all the people I'm looking at, are the people I love to hold.

Chorus: And I always knew life could be
Like a red sail sailing on Lake Erie;
And I only hope life will stay
Like a day on Lake Erie.

I have always thought that life could be happy;
I never believed it could only be bad.
Somehow, the people who talked above me,
Never convinced me of that.

Swimming in blue waters so much cleaner
Than they were last time I was here;
Swimming in Lake Erie, I'm a believer,
People will do what they need to here.

Chorus: And I always........

See how the trees look, the wind is blowing!
I can hear voices from history past.
This house is older than all of my memories;
All of my memories go back.

People who lived in the last century,
Wouldn't believe in the world we know.
It was much quieter, was it better?
Somehow I think we know.

Chorus: And I always knew....

Summertime Dreamin'
©Lydia Adams Davis
Aiken Williams
©Lydia Adams Davis